Coaching for the Health Care Professional

    This unique telephone or in person individual coaching program is for health care professionals (doctors, nurses, social workers & counselors) who are looking to get support and help with either professional or personal issues in their lives.  These  individual coaching sessions utilize awareness building, strength finding, belief system leverage and behavioral follow through to support human service professionals create the positive changes in their professional and personal lives.   


    • Monthly Coaching Session Package (2 sessions per month) - $99.00 per month
    • 3 pack Coaching Session Package - $199.00
    • 6 pack Coaching Session Package - $349.00

    Who coaching is for?

    • Feeling overwhelmed in the human service field?
    • Difficulty making time for yourself?
    • Encountering relationship problems as a result of work?
    • Have you let yourself go for work and the family?
    • Wonder about your own needs and vision for the future?

    Who coaching is not for?

    • Someone who does not value personal responsibility
    • Someone looking for a short term fix
    • Someone who does not place a high value on personal growth
    • Someone who wants to stay put

    Benefits of coaching?

    • Get clear on your career path
    • Get support from an experienced coach/therapist
    • Understand how to leverage your emotions for success
    • Identify the belief systems which hold you back and do something about it
    • Make practical changes in the present to create your ideal future?
    • Develop a compelling future and a plan to get there

    Ted Izydor


    Ted has 20 years of experience in working with people with addictions and mental health issues and specializes in professional coaching for people in the health care field

    Email Ted for a complimentary 20 minute coaching session