Health Care Managers Business Group

  • ShiftHound cites a 2012 study that reported a 28 percent turnover rate in healthcare jobs.  Nursing Solutions, Inc. found turnover among first-year allied health professionals and RNs outpaces other tenure categories and can make up more than 50 percent of hospital turnover (68 percent for two-year turnover). Robert Wood Johnson Foundation reports that replacement healthcare costs for non-nurse and non-physician healthcare job types can cost as much as 20 percent of annual pay.


  • Essentials of Effective Management - 10 Business Monthly Group Sessions
  • 10 E Learning Business Modules -Key Components of Successful Management
  • 3 Expert Guest Speakers on Management - Marketing - Human Resources
  • 2 laser business coaching sessions on a current managerial challenge
  • Learn how to manage yourself, your team and organization in more effective ways
  • Develop a framework for understanding how to effectively influence others
  • Process and receive feedback from business experts on real life managing situations
  • Learn more about the fundamentals of finances, human resources, marketing and managing
  • Develop skills to influence and manage your teams and employees

Ted Izydor


Ted Izydor weaves the best of psychology and the business world in his consulting and coaching. Ted leverages his expertise in the areas of team development, training, employee motivation with his deep understanding of human behavior, to really help human service managers grow and develop.  Ted has an organizational development perspective and aligns a manager's growth and development with the organization's path and plan.  He has over 20 years of experience in facilitating groups and teams and is a Licensed Mental Health/Addiction Counselor.

  • -Get feedback and direction on current manager challenges

  • -Gain new ideas through real manager conversation 

  • -Learn from experienced human service managers

2016 Health Care Manager Business Group - Madison

-5 Slots Remain

-Discounts for nonprofits

-Applicant screening deadline 3-15-16


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