What is burnout?  How do I prevent it?

Top Tools from Ted for Counselors

I have been in the mental health and addiction field for over 20 years and have seen great clinicians and people leave the business due to being burned out.  This is a tragedy for not only the clinicians, but to all the clients they could of helped.  The videos below are my personal shout out to clinicians out there potentially struggling with feeling burned out.  Take care of yourself as you are so important to our field.

This video shows the physiological aspects of burnout and is done with funny animation.  A must see!

This video is a quick hitter and a must see for counselors  regarding the different aspects of burnout.


Dr. Tracey Marks talks about how to prevent burnout and gives new meaning to the word "NO".  This quick hitter had over 26,000 views.

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Take the Leap and stay fresh in the field

Top three things to remember

  • Combat emotional numbness at work by being more connected to the special people in your life
  • Problems leaving work at work - create a thought process after work that you have done all you can do and there is nothing else you can do about it at home
  • Withdrawing at work - combat it by getting good supervision, vocalizing your needs and staying connected to colleagues