Recovery Coaching Group for Women in Madison, WI

Did you know that 50-70% of persons leaving addiction treatment will resume alcohol or drug use in the first year following treatment, most within the first 3 months.  

-Individual & group recovery coaching sessions 

-Join a unique women's recovery community

-Gain access to licensed addiction counselors 

-Be your true self

-Learn necessary recovery skills & strategies 

  • Learn the crucial relapse prevention skills to gain more confidence in recovery
  • Meet other unique women taking the next step to be successful in recovery
  • Learn how to flip your life script to gain freedom to be the new you
  • Learn stress management tools to gain confidence to handle the difficult life situations
  • Leverage your strengths to succeed in life

Meet Your Full Potential Recovery Coaches

Jill Izydor


Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Substance Abuse Counselor

Registered Yoga Instructor

Ted Izydor


Licensed Mental Health/Addiction Counselor for over 20 years

"Believer in Possibilities"

 -Talk to a licensed addiction counselor

-Get feedback about your life and recovery plan

-Gain new ideas on overcoming challenges

Group & Individual Coaching Plans  Under $99.00

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